Why do I write?

In late 2021 I published my first book “Shhh… Can You Hear it?”. My goal in writing this book was to tell the story of Quentin, my dad! In particular I wanted my grandsons to know more about him as he was my very first hero. Upon finishing I realized that my work was not finished. Many of the sayings I write about were his, and many have been compiled by me as I have ventured through life. All of them are ageless and can serve to be a beacon of guidance to anyone who chooses to use them.

Why read?

I write about words that are age-less lessons. Not to be tossed out because they are old, but to be read, appreciated and perhaps integrated into your life. It’s like recycling; Re-use; Reduce; Recycle. I am bringing back some old sayings, reducing them to simple thoughts and ideas and then publishing them for my readers to apply to their lives.

Why Subscribe?

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My hope is that in reading my work you will discover a saying that you grew up with and have the willingness to tell me about it. Allowing me to possibly write about it as well.

I also do speaking!

And guess what I speak about? Principles, parables, idioms & folklore, all brought to life in a fun and interesting way. Tailored to the audience and as interactive as possible. At this time I prefer engagements in the Twin Cities MN along with smaller audiences vs bigger.


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Author, writer, entrepreneur. I write about observations of the times with principles, parables and idioms that could be used to meake life better. Simple to use & practical in everyday life, they will enhance your relationships with everyone.


Gene Wood

Helping you to find your compass! Author, writer, entrepreneur. I write about principles, parables, idioms and folklore to be used to guide your life. Easy to understand, simple to use & practical in everyday life.